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Hi, I'm Harriet

Chartered Certified Accountant and owner of HPC Accountancy

My mission is to provide an affordable accountancy service to small business owners and individuals across the UK.

How It All Started

After having my children fairly young, I needed a stable career to support my family. A wise person suggested I look into accounting due to my organised nature, logical thinking (and yes I may or may not have a thing about creating spreadsheets/budgets/watching the pennies!)

I then embarked on my career starting as an apprentice whilst studying my AAT qualification, quickly progressing to ACCA and ultimately becoming the accountant I am today! I have been both a director of a small local family firm and the manager of a large, online company with a client base of over 13,000 clients and therefore have gained vast experience, knowledge and expertise along the way.

I've had the pleasure of supporting small business owners from a wide range of industries, all different sizes of companies, individuals with a vast variety of needs and requirements - and have enjoyed every single minute of it!
Award-Winning Accountancy
Certified Chartered Accountant
12+ Years

Why I started HPC Accountancy

After working in both a small local practice and a large online company, I wanted to meet the two in the middle and provide the local type of service you receive face to face, via online platforms!

Online accountancy services are much more affordable than local accountancy firms, however having the personal touch, building relationships and support networks needs to remain in place!

"Harriet has assisted me with preparing and filing my property accounts and self-assessment for many years.
She always goes above and beyond in answering my questions and making sure I claim all allowable expenses I can. Thanks for the support!"


We value...


I love what I do...

I believe that all business owners, no matter how small should be able to access an accountants service and advice - which can reduce their taxes, reduce stress and be a friendly support when running a company, more often than not, alone.

HPC offers all accountancy services, including bookkeeping, Self-assessments, Ltd company accounts, sole trader accounts, partnership accounts, VAT returns and more.

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Running a company can be a daunting time, especially if you run it alone - which is why I am so passionate about ensuring the level of customer service received is to a high standard and you feel supported along the way.

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